K. Salon Copenhagen Application

Kinky Salon Copenhagen is a family, a group of friends-of-friends, and so we want to get to know you in advance. 

We don’t sell tickets on the door or to anyone who is not a kinky salon member. Go and read about our PAL system and Code of Conduct which all our members must agree to. If you like our ethos and reckon you'd fit right in at our parties then fill out this form and tell us about yourself.

Please take the time to fill out this form properly and sincerely - applications are reviewed, and if there is not enough information, you may not be accepted. All we want is to get to know you! We strive to create a most spectacular, safe, playful, creative space for art, sex and play - filling out your profile properly is therefor necessary to get on our member list.

*Each application is for ONE person*

We look forward to welcoming you to Kinky Salon!

And please: add the address kinky.salon.copenhagen@gmail.com to your address book - there have been people missing out on invitations and location info because some spam filters think less of naughty wording.
* indicates required
So we can send you invitations for events :-)
Your real (full) name please, we wont tell anyone...
Other names you go by
Please tell about your experience with this kind of scene, and something about youself you want to share! We look forward to get to know you and invite you in!
What are YOU hoping to find at Kinky Salon - and if you feel like being philosophical, in life in general? We hope we can make your wishes come true!
To become a member, one or more current members need to push for your membership, add their (Full)name and contacts (email, phone, et.c) here.
Facebook links will not work, as they are usually blocked. Please use dropbox.com, photobucket.com or similar services. This is not a matter of how hot you are, but simply a question of wanting to know the faces behind the people we are inviting...
Promise we wont tell ANYONE ;-)
Please let us know who told you or where you found us
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